3D printing

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Type: Various/smart materials

Brand: No brand

Material code: NEW001

Location code: ML/D/SH1


The materials available for 3D printing have always been an area of research and development of this technology and nowadays there are a wide variety of different types of materials, supplied in different states (powder, filaments, pellets, granules, resins etc.). Specific materials are generally developed for platforms that run dedicated applications (for example, it could be the dental sector) with the properties of the material that best suit the application. These are the materials in relation to the 3D printing technologies available on the market:

  • 3D printing Plastic filaments (PLA, ABS, ALUMIDE)
  • 3D metal printing (aluminum, cobalt, steel, titanium, gold, silver)
  • 3D Ceramic Printing.
  • 3D Print Card.
  • 3D printing of bio materials
Supplier contact

Design Lab – Istituto Marangoni

30 Fashion St, Spitalfields, London

E1 6PX

Telephone: 020 3608 2401

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