Carrara marble inlays

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Type: Marble

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Carrara marble inlays

Carrara marble, like all marbles, is a metamorphic rock formed by almost microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate. It originated from pre-existing rocks which, following strong variations in pressure and / or temperature, underwent a complete reorganization of the crystalline structure, such as to be transformed into completely different types of rocks.
Its formation dates back to the Lower Jurassic (190 million years ago), when most of the regions now corresponding to northern Tuscany were covered by a vast sea on whose bottom a limestone sediment was deposited, in fact, Carrara marble is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most precious marbles.

Of Arabic derivation, the term inlay refers to the art of creating figures by skilfully inserting other elements on a flat surface. Inlays are very common in wood, ivory, stone and marble.

The inlay on marble manages to express magnificence, giving priceless value to objects, furniture and flooring. It is a true art, born in Asia Minor three hundred years before the birth of Christ, in the city of Tarsia, immediately spread with the Arab domination in all European courts, where the nobles competed to surround themselves with artists capable of create for them works in inlaid marble.

Today the quality of the inlays and decorations on marble has reached a high level, above all thanks to the marble decoration techniques and the new generation inlay machines.Obviously, human flair and creativity also continue to contribute considerably both in quality. ideas for marble furnishings and for the continuous renewal and improvement of the methods of processing marble

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