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Type: Cork

Brand: Matter of Stuff

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Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material with sound absorbing qualities. It is warm and has a slight smoky, leathery aroma to it.

Cork is an easily workable natural material. Cork is a vegetable covering tissue of secondary origin, which covers the stem and roots of woody plants in which it replaces the epidermis, which is torn by the secondary (diametric) growth of the organ.

It can be used as a covering for interior design projects or for the creation of product design objects

Matter of Stuff

Matter of Stuff is a furniture procurement and manufacturing consultancy that provides a new approach to curating knowledge, networking and craftsmanship,

Supported by our collaborative community of craftsmen, we can carry out design and architecture projects of any scale and scope. From woodworking to marble and ceramics, from metalworking to glass blowing.

Supplier contact

Matter Of Stuff

35 Folgate St, Fora Folgate – Spitalfields, Londra

E1 6BX


Telephone: 0044 (0) 74 46 85 84 23

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