Diamond Tiles

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Type: Ceramic

Brand: Matter of Stuff

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Diamond Tiles

These ceramic tiles are sized 10x20cm and perfect to decorate exterior facades and interior walls, adding a geometric sense of movement and creating 3D surfaces profiles that playing with shadow and light. Inverted diamond tiles are produced in accordance with a hand-crafted technique which makes the material heterogeneous, both in the effects on the surface and in the dimension of the pieces. Custom glazing colours and effect are available. Get in touch to produce a bespoke profile at bespoke@matterofstuff.com

Matter of Stuff

Matter of Stuff is a furniture procurement and manufacturing consultancy that provides a new approach to curating knowledge, networking and craftsmanship,

Supported by our collaborative community of craftsmen, we can carry out design and architecture projects of any scale and scope. From woodworking to marble and ceramics, from metalworking to glass blowing.

Supplier contact

Matter Of Stuff

35 Folgate St, Fora Folgate – Spitalfields, Londra

E1 6BX

E-mail: info@matterofstuff.com

Telephone: 0044 (0) 74 46 85 84 23

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