Elegance Walnut

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Type: Plywood

Brand: Garnica

Material code: WOD003

Location code: ML/B/DR4



Plywood is a layered semi-finished product of wood peeled from the trunk of the tree. It belongs to the large class of laminated or multilayer panels, from which it is distinguished by the crossed orientation of the various layers.

Elegance Walnut by Garnica

Lightweight panel with European poplar core and decorative walnut faces. A wood universally appreciated for its chocolate colour and characteristic grain.

The beauty of the products faces finished in natural wood, makes it ideal for furniture and decoration.

In addition to providing exceptional lightness and ease of machining, its sustainable plantation poplar core gives these panels great stability and surface quality.




Exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding clients.

In 2018 Garnica acquires Maderas de Llodio in 2018, a manufacturer of Radiata pine plywood. This acquisition represents significant raw material and product diversification for the group.

Supplier contact

James Latham

301, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London

N1 0QH

E-mail: panels.hemel@lathams.co.uk 

Telefono: +44 2072886417

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