Moduleo Impress

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Type: Vinyl flooring

Brand: Moduleo

Material code: CMP001

Location code: ML/A/DR3

Vinyl flooring (material info)

Vinyl flooring or PVC floors are decorative and easy to install.
These floors are distinguished from classic PVC mainly for the shape in which they occur: they are in the form of a more or less elongated square or rectangular tile. Traditional PVCs, on the other hand, are in sheets one, two or more meters high and are rolled up into heavy reels from which the necessary size is cut from time to time. LVTs can have the most varied dimensions: cm 30×30 45×45 30×60 60×60 20×120 15×90 etc. and are sold in boxes containing a variable number of tiles.

But the most important and obvious difference from traditional vinyl floors is the graphic quality and decorative potential. The LVT collections offer a very wide range of decorations of great value among which we find many reproductions of both classic and modern woods, reproductions of stone and marble and mineral or graphic effects that cannot be found in other types of floors.

Added to this is the possibility to choose between different installation techniques. There are LVTs that are laid with total gluing, others are equipped with an adhesive from the outset, others have a perimeter joint and are laid floating like laminate floors and still others are laid in simple support. This variety of technologies allows us to choose the product that best suits the context in which we will have to install it.

Overview (informazioni generali sul materiale specifico)

Moduleo Impress by Moduleo

Moduleo Impress has a rustic sawcut effect: the perfect balance between elegance and attitude.

Moduleo (brand)

Moduleo Design Floors (a division of IVC Group) is the luxury vinyl flooring brand for residential use by IVC Group, market leader in LVT floors. Since 2015, IVC Group has been part of Mohawk Industries Inc., the world’s number one in floor coverings.

Supplier contact

C Abbotts

470-480 Roman Road

E3 5LY Bow


Telephone: +44 020 8980 4158

Gallery of variants (texture and color)


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