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Type: Mycelium

Brand: Mogu

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Our cutting-edge technology is based on mycelium, the vegetative stage of mushrooms. Over the years, we have identified effective protocols to monitor the growth of these amazing organisms – and in line with that, we have learned to engineer the properties of the resulting materials.

We produce materials by growing selected strains of mycelium on pre-engineered substrates made of agro-industrial residues.

Fungal mycelium acts as a reinforcement to the matrix structure, creating a 100% plastic-free and coherent material composite. At the end of the production process, mycelium materials are inertized by slow drying, for reduced energy consumption. The resulting products are completely stable, safe and durable – and biodegradable too!


Over the years, Mogu explored the potential of mycelium-based technologies in diverse application sectors. Through selected protocols, we developed a range of materials with different performances, from soft and foam-like to strong and high-density.

Inspired by the materials’ aesthetic potential, Mogu offers today the first commercial mycelium-based products on the market, suitable for interior design applications.

Our intent is to bring Nature closer to people, meeting the needs of everyday life, both functionally and aesthetically.

A vision of interior design that embraces Nature’s radical character, to establish a more honest relationship with the surrounding environment.

This vision is embedded in the products designed by Mogu, crafted with the lowest environmental impact possible, to offer radically innovative experiences.

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Via San Francesco d’Assisi 62
21020 Inarzo (VA)


Matter Of Stuff

35 Folgate St, Fora Folgate – Spitalfields, Londra

E1 6BX


Telephone: 0044 (0) 74 46 85 84 23

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