Parquet by Or.nami

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Type: Parquet

Brand: Or.nami

Material code: WOD004

Location code: ML/B/BOX2



Parquet can be an excellent choice for the flooring of your home. Warm and welcoming, it adapts perfectly to all styles and helps to embellish the home and make it more comfortable. As we all know, at the base, we can choose between two different types of parquet: the one in solid wood, made entirely of noble wood, which requires treatments after installation, and the pre-finished one, usually composed of several layers (2 or 3) of which only the surface of noble wood and the rest formed by high mixes of woods or by a plywood.


Or.nami means “to decorate” and this expression fully embodies our mission. Our goal is to decorate rooms using graphic elements which confer beauty and elegance, while enhancing their expressive power. Or.nami’s wallpapers give a sense of lightness thanks to their ability to arouse emotions and their customizable patterns, whose stylistic rhythm is measured by creative colour combinations and refined lines which adapt to every situation. Experience, great passion and continuous research are the key elements that create our products, as well as many limited-edition projects inspired by the cooperation with architects and creative designers who compete to meet the challenge of creating new geometric shapes between space and light.

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